Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Teleportation in Large Scale Virtual Environments

Teleportation over large distances in large scale virtual environments causes a loss of spatial orientation that is disadvantageous to many tasks that require spatial awareness. However, users of very-large-scale virtual worlds often wander around and get bored very quickly when navigating using virtual flying with conventional input methods. Interfaces are needed that can increase users' attention and enjoyment. I propose the use of teleportation to instantaneously transport users to interesting locations while exploring very-large-scale virtual worlds like Second Life. Teleport locations are determined by a model which selects randomly from moving objects. Two videos show my avatar being teleported from one location to another. Whilst, I'm unable to determine where I am, relative to where I was (spatial awareness), I'm able to visit locations that I would not have known of its existence otherwise. In one of the videos, I repeatedly teleport to a secret location within Second Life, where a note pops up warning me to leave.

More research is planned.